Treatment with ENF Therapy: Juvenile face acne

Aesthetic centre - Reggio Calabria
5 sessions
Acne Giovanile del Viso - PRIMA
Acne Giovanile del Viso - DOPO

Treatment with ENF Therapy: Localized fat deposits

Aesthetic centre - Reggio Calabria
5 sessions
Adiposità Localizzate - PRIMA
Adiposità Localizzate - DOPO

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ENF Medical Devices obtain clearly visible results in PHYSIOESTHETICS

The ENF treatment helps to reduce skin and subcutaneous imperfections. The combined action of ENF and creams helps to make the face look younger by redefining the contours of the lips and reducing swelling around the eyes.

In addition, the ENF technology helps reduce cellulite and its imperfections stimulating the body to achieve a slimming and firming effect on the abdomen and buttocks, especially when combined with specific creams.

Ambito Fisioestetica

Visible results without side effects and of great quality, thanks to the use of the special ENF Sfere Maxi and ENF Sfere Mini probes. Made of steel and aluminum, thanks to their rigid structure, they combine the precision of the treated point with the possibility of exerting a pressure that varies from delicate to strong. This feature is very effective both in the activation of muscle tone and in muscle-tension problems.

ENF Medical Devices for Physio-aesthetics

ENF Studio

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ENF pro

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