Adaptive Electrotherapy: the evolution of electrotherapy

Traditional electro-medical devices (both Direct Current and Alternating Current) emit a waveform without any kind of self-regulation for the entire time of application to the patient.

Constant emission is a characteristic of widespread electrotherapies such as Tens, Tecar and RadioFrequencies but also of other traditional technologies such as Hyperthermia, Cryotherapy, Ultrasound, Magnetic Fields, Shockwaves, Lasers, which, creating adaptability, often have low therapeutic value or a limited scope of application.

ENF (Control Technology)
ENF reads the impedance parameters and sends the compensation pulse
BODY (Controlled System)
Skin receives the impulse Nervous System reacts

ENF: Feedback is the secret

The secret of an ENF is the innovative technology based on feedback. . ENF generates waveforms that change automatically when the skin’s impedance changes, according to a compensation algorithm, i.e. according to Feedback.

This process of continuous regulation of the waveform leads to a bio-electrical rebalancing of the membrane of the cells that form the underlying tissues. In turn, the equilibrium reached favors the regeneration processes that the tissues involved are able to express according to the severity of the damage and the potential of the organism.

The process of adaptation to the stimulus is reduced thanks to self-regulation following each micro-change. . The wide availability of protocols and the versatility of the therapy give the ENF equipment exceptional application possibilities and a high therapeutic potential, without particular contraindications. The effect is positive from the first therapy. . It may happen that chronic conditions of discomfort can be resolved in weeks, days or even in a single session.

Scientific Research on ENF Therapy

  • The use of Adaptive Neuro-Stimulation for the rebalancing of posture and muscle tone on the players of a football team.
    2019 – University of Chieti – Italy
  • Effectiveness of Electro-Neuro-Feedback on the postoperative outcomes of surgery of the lower third molar.
    2018 – University of Messina – Italy
  • ENF therapy in the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies.
    2010 – FMSI Institute of Sports Medicine of Turin – Italy
  • ENF therapy in spasticity: a new rehabilitation treatment in upper motor neuron syndrome, evaluation and correlation between quantitative gait analysis and botulinum toxin.
    2013 – Bianchi-Melacrino-Morelli Hospital of Reggio Calabria – Italy
  • Evaluation and therapeutic applications of Electro Neuro Feedback: pilot study.
    2015 – University of Lublin (PL)
  • Manual Therapy and Interactive Electro Neuromodulation in the treatment of Spasticity: evaluation of immediate effects.
    2017 – G. D’Annunzio University, Chieti, Italy
  • Skin impedance and myometry (ENF and Myoton): two comparative instruments in the evaluation of acute and chronic somatic dysfunctions.
    2016 – G. D’Annunzio University, Chieti – Italy
  • Lower heel pain in soccer players: retrospective study with proposed treatment guidelines.
    2015 – XXIV Isokinetic Medical Group Conference – London
  • Manual pressure release and electrical stimulation of peripheral low-grade receptors in nonspecific low back pain: a randomized controlled trial.
    2021 – G. D’Annunzio University, Chieti – Italy

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How does it work?

By keeping the double electrode in contact with the skin, the ENF transmits and receives impulses, exchanging them between the two electrodes During the exchange, the impulses come into contact with the nerve endings of the skin and undergo changes that are recorded by the equipment.

The procedure to be performed during the ENF Therapy consists of the following two phases:

Search for the Treatment Points

The skin is a projection surface of bio-electrical reactions. In the presence of a pathology, the skin surface has an altered impedance. The ENF technology, similar to a surface electromyography, offers the possibility to identify the point or area of modification of the skin response and create a complete diagnostic mapping. This feature is very useful for guiding subsequent treatment, especially when the patient’s condition is complex and a differential diagnosis is required.

Bio-electric balance treatment

After the search for the Treatment Points, the second phase involves the selection of the therapeutic effect suitable for the situation, chosen by the operator according to the pathological conditions of the anatomical structure that showed the abnormal reaction. The wide availability of treatments and the versatility of ENF therapy leads to quickly obtaining high quality results in many pathologies.

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