Sport Physiotherapy

Treatment with ENF Therapy: Extensive hematoma

Physiotherapist - Padova
8 sessions
Ematoma Esteso Ginnasta - PRIMA
Ematoma Esteso Ginnasta - DOPO

Treatment with ENF Therapy: ACL injury

Physiotherapist - Genova
15 sessions

Treatment with ENF Therapy: Humerus - Compound bone fracture

Physiotherapist - Brescia
5 sessions
Frattura Testa dell'Omero - PRIMA
Frattura Testa dell'Omero - DOPO

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Rehabilitation in record time for SPORT PHYSIOTHERAPY

Thanks to ENF Adaptive Electrotherapy, the physiotherapist or sports masseur can treat a full range of acute pathological conditions, choosing for example between for anti muscle contracting, anti-inflammatory, lymphatic drainage, soft tissue or osteo-tendon regeneration, post-operative adhesions.

ENF3 Fisioterapia dello Sport2

Thanks to the ENF Neuromuscular Stimulation and Lymphatic Drainage treatments you can increase blood flow and activate muscle fibers, preparing them for sports performance. After training or competition, you can facilitate the disposal of toxins by reducing recovery times.

You can perform passive stretching treatments to prevent contractures and reduce muscle tension and anti-fatigue treatments to reduce muscle fatigue.

ENF Therapy can stimulate muscle contraction by recruiting a greater number of fibers. Thanks to Muscle Strengthening treatments you can contribute to muscle development with many benefits in improving athletic performance.

ENF Medical Devices for Sports Physiotherapy

ENF Sport

The portable ENF medical device ideal for sports rehabilitation

ENF Sport rettangolo

ENF Studio

The most important ENF Medical Device using the ENF technology


The latest product among Fast Therapies’ medical devices

ENF pro

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