Post-Surgery Orthopedics

Treatment with ENF Therapy: Achilles Tendon - Post-surgery

Surgeon Doctor - Padova
6 sessions
Post-intervento Tendine d'Achille - Prima
Post-intervento Tendine d'Achille - DOPO

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New standards in treatments of POST-SURGERY ORTHOPEDICS

We know the problems that can occur in the patient after surgery.

With ENF Medical Devices it is finally possible to plan a complete post-surgical treatment, to prevent complications and accelerate the recovery of motor functions.

ortopedia post intervento

By exploiting the potential of ENF therapy, we can apply protocols for anti-inflammatory tissue treatments, for the reduction of edema after surgery, on pain, loss of muscle tone and trophism, on the reduction of drug therapy. Some protocols also include soft tissue repair and osteo-tendon repair treatment.

The added value of ENF therapy is also due to the absence of side effects on orthopedic prostheses. With the help of ENF Therapy, effective post-intervention management can become a high quality standard that involves the entire team. The reduction of recovery times during the short hospital stay allows the patient to see the positive results of the surgery already at discharge.

ENF Medical Devices for Post-Surgery Orthopedics

ENF Studio

The most important ENF Medical Device using the ENF technology

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