Pelvic Floor

Treatment with ENF Therapy: Symptoms of endometriosis

Gynecologist - Catanzaro
15 sessions
Sintomi di Endometriosi - PRIMA
Sintomi di Endometriosi - DOPO

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The ENF Medical Devices help to improve the disorders of the PELVIC FLOOR

The pelvic floor is composed of various anatomical elements that represent an important functional unit for the health and well-being of the person.

The dysfunction of one component also generates anomalies in the others. Often the patient is not aware of this and pelvic floor problems are ignored until the discomfort becomes unbearable.

Pavimento Pelvico

The dysfunctions of the gynecological zone are usually underestimated due to the barriers of modesty that remain in our social organization. The impact on the quality of life of these disorders involves impaired self-esteem and a limitation in daily activities and interpersonal and sexual relations. ENF protocols allow treating urinary incontinence by improving bladder control, relieving pelvic pain and accelerating postpartum recovery.

The urological zone is related to urination, defecation, sexuality. The integrity of the anatomical elements of the pelvic floor is affected by certain conditions such as prolonged sedentary lifestyle and obesity, trauma or prostate surgery, which can weaken the contractile capacity. With the ENF treatment, recovering the tone of the pelvic floor muscles and improving the neurological response helps the patient to reduce problems related to prostatitis, incontinence, pelvic pain.

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