Treatment with ENF Therapy: Periodontal disease

Dental Clinic - Messina
8 sessions
Malattia Paradontite - PRIMA
Malattia Paradontite - DOPO

Treatment with ENF Therapy: Outcome of dental implant surgery

Dental Clinic - Messina
3 sessions
Lesione Profonda del Tessuto Gengivale - Prima
Lesione Profonda del Tessuto Gengivale - DOPO.jpg

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ENF Medical Devices are effective in the treatment of complex problems in DENTISTRY

The goal of ENF therapy applied in Dentistry is to speed up the improvement of various pathological conditions such as pain reduction and in particular Trigeminal Neuralgia, repair of soft and osteo-tendon tissues, reduction of edema and inflammatory states.

ENF Studio in Odontoiatria

It is also possible to achieve excellent results in the treatment of the most difficult problems related to implantology such as reversible lesions of the nerve endings and the slowness of the osseointegration process.

The specific probes supplied with the Dentistry software module are designed for local application according to the pathological condition to be solved.

In addition, the combined action of ENF and creams helps to make the appearance of the face younger, which is the natural frame of the smile.

ENF Medical Devices for Dentistry

ENF Studio

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ENF pro

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