ENF Medical Devices in VETERINARY for the care of animals

The rehabilitation ENF technology, used for years on humans with great results, it is now proposed in the optimized version for the Veterinary.

The ENF technology delivers electrical currents through non-invasive electrodes, applied to the skin surface, acting on the Peripheral Nervous System with a sophisticated electrical modulation based on the Feedback.

The ENF therapy sessions, always conducted with care, are well accepted by the animal and the duration of the treatment is 10-15 minutes. ENF therapy is ideal for professionals who want to combine science and passion in animal care, allowing excellent results to be obtained on a large number of pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system, both acute and chronic. The results can be surprising from the first application.

ENF Pro Veterinaria
ENF Pro Veterinaria

Dog and Cat

In dogs and cats, the evaporation of sweat is limited to the mouth only. Their skin is almost entirely devoid of sweat glands, located mainly under the fingertips.

For this reason, the application of the ENF therapy is carried out by means of a special comb probe that allows the localized treatment of inflammation of the tissues, muscle and tendon injuries, bone consolidation, post-surgery recovery, without side effects on prostheses.

Furthermore, by stabilizing the bioelectric disturbance of the treated area, the therapy may be able to trigger self-healing processes, which the animal’s body is naturally endowed with, which go beyond the symptom.


ENF therapy on horses and large mammals in general is indicated in many critical situations of veterinary physiotherapy. This particular type of Electrotherapy, acting on the Peripheral Nervous System, is able to locally and specifically influence the tissues compromised by the particular pathological condition.

It is used to stimulate the reabsorption of important hematomas, to facilitate the resolution of muscle spasms, to reduce tendon inflammation, to increase the plasticity of the connective tissue, to resolve muscle contractures, to reduce the formation of scarring, as an analgesic in forms of arthrosis and periarthritis and in general for speed up tissue healing. Even on horses, the results can be surprising from the first application.

ENF Pro Veterinaria

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