Treatment with ENF Therapy: Facial nerve - Palsy

Rehabilitation Doctor - Pescara
10 sessions
Paralisi del Nervo Facciale - PRIMA
Paralisi del Nervo Facciale - DOPO

Treatment with ENF Therapy: Radial nerve - Reversible injury

Physiotherapist - Milano
15 sessions
Lesione Reversibile del Nervo Radiale - Prima
Lesione Reversibile del Nervo Radiale - DOPO

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Three steps forward in the treatment of neuropathies in NEUROLOGY

Thanks to its electro-balance technology instead of electro-stimulation, ENF “normalizes” the neuronal network constituted by the Peripheral Nervous System, previously modified by the pathogenic event.

The Neurology software module is designed for the treatment of disorders such as Tinnitus, Neuropathic Pain, Morton’s Neuroma, Cold Limb Reduction, Phantom Limb Reduction.


ENF aims to minimize the symptoms of spastic paralysis and improve motor skills as much as possible by the severity of the disease. An important goal is to reduce muscle retraction and shortening of the tendons, lowering the risk of deformation of the joints resulting from stiffness and immobility.

ENF Medical Devices for Neurology

ENF Studio

The most important ENF Medical Device using the ENF technology

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