Treatment with ENF Therapy: Symptoms of endometriosis

Gynecologist - Catanzaro
15 sessions
Sintomi di Endometriosi - PRIMA
Sintomi di Endometriosi - DOPO

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ENF Medical Devices help improve disorders in GYNECOLOGY

The innovative feature of the ENF technology is to continuously modify the waveform of the electrical impulse sent to the body, according to the feedback received, obtaining an electro-balance effect and bio-electrical normalization of the tissues.

ENF therapy can treat any inflammatory pathology of the upper female genital tract, including the uterus, fallopian tubes and adjacent pelvic structures. Furthermore, it shows efficacy on Pudendal Nerve Syndrome, Salpingitis, Endometritis, Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

Pavimento Pelvico

ENF Medical Devices are very effective on pelvic inflammatory pathologies, if they are of non-infectious origin. If used in the first days after surgery, it gives the opportunity to improve the surgeon’s work by effectively reducing pain.

We are all looking for the highest quality in Gynecology and ENF therapy can be the ideal means of achieving it.

ENF Medical Devices for Gynecology

ENF Studio

The most important ENF Medical Device using the ENF technology

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