Aesthetic massage

Treatment with ENF Therapy: Fibrous cellulite

Aesthetic centre - Reggio Calabria
8 sessions
Cellulite Fibrosa - PRIMA
Cellulite Fibrosa - DOPO

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ENF Medical Devices enhance AESTHETIC MASSAGE

Massage is a fundamental technique for the well-being of clients.

This is why we have developed the new ENF Magic Hand technology, the innovative massage system with conductive gloves that allows you to transfer the power of the ENF technology while performing the manual massage.

By selecting the appropriate protocol with a draining or anti-inflammatory effect, the greatest advantages are obtained in the lymphatic drainage and in the muscle relaxant massage.

Masssaggio estetico

Thanks to the combination of manual and instrumental lymphatic drainage, excellent results can be achieved on the lymphatic system by promoting correct metabolism.

To perform the massage effectively, it is sufficient to adapt the use of the Magic Hand to the morphological characteristics of the subject being treated, to his individual needs and to his sensitivity.

ENF Medical Devices for Aesthetic Massage


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